Haley--Nationally certified Medical Assistant

At the beginning, when I first started with SBEC, I thought the finish line was so far away, but what seemed like a lifetime and a huge leap into the decision to further my education came and went quicker than I expected.  Miss Cheryl always made me feel like I could do anything I put my mind to as she encouraged me to push myself into going back to school.  I put the majority of my appreciation towards her always being there for me.

Haley Konetsky:  Nationally certified Medical Assistant; Employee at Millcreek Surgical Specialists.  Success!

When Haley enrolled with Saint Benedict Education Center, she did not know what she wanted her future goals to be, so we explored her interests, recounts Case Manager Cheryl Witherspoon.   A tour of Great Lakes Institute of Technology was included in her exploration.  This sparked an interest in the medical field.  

Haley enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program in April 2021, at Great Lakes – a 10-month diploma program.  Upon completion of her externship at BayCity Podiatry she accepted employment at Millcreek Community Hospital, Millcreek Surgical Specialties, as a Clinical Assistant.  

The National Healthcare Association (NHA) offers the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Examination, which qualifies one if passed.  Haley took the exam and is proud to claim her achievement as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, as she should be.  

Cheryl is proud of her, as well.  “What a joy it has been watching Haley achieve her goals these last 18 months.”  Cheryl continues, “She had things she had to overcome but she did them through a pandemic and the fear of placing her child in daycare…She never once complained about bringing program-required school attendance sheets to SBEC as verification of regular participation.  She went with the flow while I was out on a temporary leave…continuing to bring them in for the Case Manager that was covering for me.  She purchased a car.  The list goes on."

What drew Haley to the medical field?  She has a cousin who is a nurse and a sister who was a paramedic.  At one point they all have been volunteer firefighters.  Quite an influence.

When asked about her work experience thus far Haley shared:  “At the beginning it was challenging for me because I had done my externship at a podiatrist office. Coming from little to no experience in the surgical field meant I had to learn new techniques, new doctors, and new coworkers.  But that being said, I love the environment I am in, I love the work that I do, and I love the staff I work with.”

Haley has a 2-year-old son, Isaiah.  “I always wanted to create the best life for him that I possibly could.  Going back to school was really the beginning of a bright future for both of us.  I couldn’t be happier with how far I have come since I started at SBEC. “

Looking ahead Haley shares, “My hopes are to be in this career field for the long haul.  I might consider moving back to North Carolina with my son now that I have better opportunities with passing my NHA exam and becoming nationally certified, but I would prefer to have a couple years of experience under my belt before that possible move.  Until then, I will continue to do the best I can for my doctors and especially the patients that we see and have their trust in caring for them.”

What does success look like?  Haley Konetsky offers a good indication.  

Congratulations, Haley.  We’re proud of you.