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Accomplishments; Learning; Success


When you meet Marqueta, you are immediately aware of her smile and ease of conversation. Marqueta, a participant at St Benedict Education Center, is excited to share that she had completed an online program which certifies her as a Medical Office Assistant.  She is now eager to interview and obtain a job to begin a new career.
Marqueta was raised by her grandmother and, due to circumstances at age16, begged to drop out of school.  After some consideration, her grandmother consented with the condition that she would obtain her GED.  She found some odd jobs and began to study online. Two years later, she graduated with her GED at the same time that her school class was graduating.  Her smile broadens when she explains that she was permitted to attend her senior prom and fulfill her promise to her grandmother.
Finding that she actually enjoyed learning, she began an online program in the health field.  After several courses, she became frustrated on a daily basis due to a lack of immediate feedback and eventually dropped the course.
As time passed, she became a single mother and her grandmother passed away. She found herself working at different jobs but was never really satisfied in what she was doing. As her daughter grew older, she decided it was time to improve her skills and be an example.
Enter SBEC! After being referred, she consulted with the Community Service Coordinator and the two decided to schedule her hours with the Community Helpers. Making blankets and preparing food for others was a good fit, as her grandmother instilled in her a love of self and love of others. 
Through job fairs presentations, she realized that online classes in the health-related field were worth beginning again.  This time, with a great deal of support and immediate feedback, Marqueta found success with her courses and completed all the necessary requirements to pass, and did so with honors. Recently she pursued and completed CPR classes, offered by SBEC instructor Don Feeney, and received her certification. 
She has a thirst for knowledge and wants to impart that love of learning to her daughter by sharing her grandmother’s wisdom and reading stories to and with her on a daily basis. She is focused on the future and will continue to face obstacles as they arise. She is proud of her accomplishments and continues to seek ways to enhance her learning.
Marqueta speaks highly of the program at SBEC and the hands-on opportunity that it provides. In addition, Benny Bucks, distributed as part of SBEC’s incentive offerings, give her the opportunity to purchase books at Treasures & Such for her to read to her daughter.  Truly Marqueta’s grandmother would approve!