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Welcome to the Neighborhood


The Erie County Community College has moved another step closer to opening.  One of four sites will be housed in Saint Benedict Education Center (SBEC), on East 10th St., Erie.  A lease was signed July 13, 2021, by the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, owner of the building, and the interim president of the college, Dr. Judith Gay.  This temporary arrangement will enable the college to continue the immediate work required to offer classes in September.

Many people commented that this was a perfect place for such a beginning.

The EARN (Employment and Retention Network) Program has been here for many years, currently under the leadership of Nancy Sabol, MA, and an Oblate of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.  Throughout these years EARN staff have worked with their clients in job readiness, including the exploration of career possibilities.  The presence of the community college can offer motivation for the SBEC-EARN participant.  It holds out the promise of what is possible for them as they consider their own interests and career options.  The college places in their midst an educational endeavor and students they can observe and, perhaps on occasion, with whom they can interact.  

For the community college?  They may well be right in-the-midst of their future students.  Potential students, for sure.  There seems to be growing evidence that people in programs such as SBEC-EARN are exploring career options (See previous articles on this website.) and jobs that would enable them to better support their families.  This most often requires education/training – as offered by community colleges.  SBEC – as well as the extended neighborhood – offer the people from which the Erie County Community College can draw.

What an opportunity!   A great place to begin.  

Erie County Community College:  Welcome to the neighborhood!

Enjoy the pictures taken at the lease signing.