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What's Going On In The Mending Place....

A new, interesting challenge

At this time of Covid, classes offered in The Mending Place have been suspended but creative ways to engage participants remotely continue to be explored.  Meanwhile, The Mending Place is still taking in everything that needs mending: tears, broken zippers, sagging hemlines and drooping sleeves.  If a zipper is to be replaced the customer must provide the zipper, but the work is done here.

Damanta Khadka and Cynthia Aulenbacher, the two seamstresses at The Mending Place, are holding down the fort.  They are keeping the responsive and excellent services of the Mending Place going through the turmoil known as the Covid pandemic.  

The Mending Place has taken on some awesome tasks during this time.  One of the unique projects was the mending of boat sails and boat covers. The project required the patching of holes and the reinforcing of seams in order to meet the protective requirements of troublesome weather.

Another demanding project has been the tailoring of wedding apparel.  Damanta and Cynthia hemmed dresses for a wedding party, completed alterations to the waist, pants, jacket shoulders and sleeves for the groomsmen, and also tailored the bust of the wedding dress to the shape of the body of the bride.  

At this time the project that is posing the greatest challenge at The Mending Place is “African Complexities,” the creation of a round tapestry 120 inches in diameter.  This project is a collaboration with Anansi Collaborations, a local business headed by Marquis Wallace.  The Mending Place expects to finish its part of the project in a few months.  Interested?  Consider making an appointment to come to The Mending Place to see a copy of the tapestry and learn where it is being displayed.

The Mending Place is always up for a challenge:  The challenge of teaching work skills that clients can use, providing instruction for the completion of projects, increasing job readiness and job search capabilities, engaging in community service opportunities, and providing employer contacts and job placement follow-up.   

The Mending Place is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 2:30.  

Responding to the need for safety precautions due to Covid-19 The Mending Place instituted curb-side drop-off and pick-up for routine mending on July 20, 2020.   This adjustment proved to be successful and continues.  Customers are requested to do the following:

--Call 814 452 4072, ask for extension 315 and indicate your needs and when you can come to the curb-side drop-off.

--Meet Mending Place personnel at the curb side in front of St. Benedict Education Center, where they will record your requests and take your items.

--Upon completion of the services pick up the mended items at the curb side.  You will be called to arrange a time to do this.

--Compensation for services is on a donation basis and is always appreciated.  A list of suggested donations is available upon request. 

For projects beyond just mending, call The Mending Place using the phone number above and obtain a time to meet with a staff person to discuss your needs.  At the appointed time enter Saint Benedict Education Center through the front door, answer the routine “Covid-questions” asked by the receptionist, and meet with someone from The Mending Place who will take you upstairs and assist you with your project.  

All staff and visitors are to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.  All other Covid Protocols are being observed.

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