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You Are Invited to a "Slumber Party"

You Are Invited to a "Slumber Party"

If you planned to attend the regularly scheduled Tuesday afternoon Social Service 
Speaker program a couple weeks ago you might have been surprised 
to pass someone in Winnie the Pooh pajamas who accompanied you to a 
“Slumber Party”, instead.  SBEC  Employment Coordinator Sandy Osmanski 
arranges to have a variety of speakers meet with participants Tuesday 
afternoons.  These speakers come from a wide range of agencies and services in 
the Erie area:  Safe Harbor Behavior Health of UPMC, Erie County Care 
Management, Northwestern Legal Services, City of Erie Police Department,  
Emmaus Ministries, and others.  SBEC offers as much practical information as 
possible and helps facilitate connections that will be of help to the participants 
and staff in their daily challenges.

Sometimes the staff recognizes a different kind of need to be addressed and a 
change of routine is welcome.  In place of the Social Service Speakers’ Series 
seasonal family engagement activities are planned.  With cooler weather coming 
soon the staff organized a “slumber party” to offer “some fuzzy sleep gear” for 
participants and their children.  To enhance the theme, everyone was invited to 
wear “work place appropriate pajamas”.    SBEC was able to provide new 
blankets, pillows and cases, and slippers for all those enrolled in the program.  

Everyone seemed to enjoy the informal atmosphere that was created by and for 
all.  Breakfast items, donut holes, muffins, and mock mosas were shared by 
staff and participants.  A special touch:  SBEC Community Helpers made the 
muffins!  The time spend in relaxed, enjoyable conversation at the “Slumber 
Party” was another way to create opportunities for respectful family engagement 
with each other.  

There are different ways to address the many needs of our folks.  A 
“Slumber Party” can be one of them!