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Meet SBEC Employers

Chris Hoover, Infinity Resources

Chris Hoover, Infinity Resources, SBEC employer

Infinity Resources, a job referral and placement organization, has been a long-standing partner with SBEC and for good reasons. “If we get a call from SBEC, we know that the applicant they recommend has met the necessary criteria,” observes Chris Hoover, manager of the Erie office for Infinity Resources. “I have great confidence in anyone they put forth!”

The staff at SBEC strive to stay in close communication with Chris and her colleagues regarding job opportunities and SBEC participants ready to fill them. In addition, employment coordinators from SBEC have visited job sites along with Chris in order to gain a good understanding of what is needed by the potential employer. “Our employers are the key to our customer base and it is critical that we provide a high level of quality service to them,” says Judi Jaworski, Job Development Supervisor at SBEC. Once a participant is placed, SBEC and Infinity remain in touch to ensure a smooth transition and successful placement. Chris Hoover appreciates this thorough approach. “The staff is so helpful and conscientious. They strive to serve both their job-seekers and employers.” It is this kind of teamwork that supports SBEC participants and enables Infinity to fill its job requests.

“The Factory is a great tool. It has helped many people, especially immigrants, learn about expectations in the workplace,” adds Chris who also applauds the programs at SBEC designed to develop the English skills of these immigrants. “Workers must be able to read and complete an application and communicate with co-workers. Consider a factory setting, for example. If something goes array with machinery, employees must know how to shut down the equipment, ask for help, and describe what is happening.” In such a situation, English-speaking skills are essential for safety.

Infinity Resources, Inc. enjoys long-standing relationships with businesses in many industries who have come to rely on them for their staffing needs. The Harborcreek office serves local businesses such as Port Erie Plastics, Better Baked Foods Inc., and JTM Foods, LLC, to name a few, assisting them to build their workforces with the most qualified people. SBEC, in turn, provides Infinity with qualified job seekers. Chris notes: “It’s a win/win! We are able to fill our job orders with screened, job-ready candidates from St Benedict’s.”