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Meet SBEC Volunteers

Dolores Mosakowski

Dolores Mosakowski, SBEC volunteer

Dolores Mosakowski was recruited by a fellow volunteer to the team at Treasures and Such but it is Sister Dorothy Stoner, worksite coordinator at SBEC, who keeps her coming back each week. “She is so kind and generous with people and is always willing to try new things” is the way Dolores describes Sister. Dolores was immediately impressed with how responsive the staff at SBEC is to those it serves.

Her work with the participants at SBEC, many of whom are refugees, has had a deep impact on her. “It gets you thinking how it would be if I were in their place. I give them a lot of credit. Working at the store opens your eyes to how difficult it is to live in a strange land. You acquire a respect for these refugees and their struggles.”

One struggle that Dolores observed is that the refugees do not have cars and walk or take public transportation everywhere, covering long distances to go about their daily routine. Dolores has learned to pack any fragile items carefully so they arrive home safely. Like other volunteers, Dolores finds the language barrier difficult but finds a smile to be universal.
“I enjoy volunteering at St. Mary’s East and wanted to do something useful with my time somewhere else. Here I feel like I am making a real difference, small as it is.”

The staff and volunteers would take issue. Dolores’s contribution is not small. Volunteers are an important part of the fabric at SBEC and bring a unique presence and perspective to the important work being done each day.