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Meet SBEC Employers

Goodwill Industries

April Peoples, Manager Erie and Jeremy Dale, District Manager NW PA

Most of us know Goodwill as the place where we bring clothing and household items no longer needed. While that is true, the mission of Goodwill is much broader. “Most people think of Goodwill as a donation center. That’s true, but everything we do is about developing job skills.” comments Jeremy Dale, district manager for Northwestern PA/Northeastern OH. (Pictured are April Peoples, Manager Erie and Jeremy Dale) It is no wonder that SBEC has found a natural partner in Goodwill Industries.

Some of the program participants at SBEC are not quite ready for employment or have not yet found a permanent position. In these cases, participation in some form of community service is an essential part of their on-going job preparation. SBEC participants develop necessary job skills, and build self-confidence while preparing for eventual employment. Those with limited English abilities quickly progress when required to listen and speak while on the job.

Maureen Donnelly, community service coordinator at SBEC works closely with April Peoples, manager of Goodwill on West 26th Street in Erie. “Our needs are great and Maureen will immediately let me know when someone is ready for community service. She carefully screens all candidates and will make sure we are getting a good worker!” Placement in a community service setting also provides the opportunity for the SBEC student to be observed on the job. “And, they’re watching us too! Not all employers are great.” says Jeremy. Goodwill has hired SBEC participants as they have been such impressive workers. “I wish we could get more clients as the ones we do get are very good.”

“Even those with limited language ability can be shown what to do” explains April. “Many have a knack for colorizing or display and know how to maintain an inviting appearance in the store.” Both Jeremy and April agreed that the clients coming from SBEC are peak performers. “That’s our goal” says Maureen “to offer our community service partners quality workers. They, in turn, offer the opportunity for our students to refine their job skills.”