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Meet SBEC Program Participants

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson, SBEC participant

Greg Robinson learned firsthand that a new job is good both for your finances and for your health. Some years ago, he was working at a fiberglass factory, an environment that proved toxic to his health. He needed to find a “cleaner” job. Today, he works in the housekeeping department at Corry Memorial Hospital and his health and well-being have dramatically improved.

Greg will tell you, however, that his road was not an easy one. When he arrived on the doorstep of SBEC, he was on disability and quite demoralized. “I thought I was going to fail. I was just thinking negatively at the time. The more I came to SBEC, the more positively I began to feel about myself. And, I learned a lot! The classes were great and they stay with you until you get a job.” He credits his program coordinator with “keeping me on my toes.”

In particular, Greg found the resume development and interviewing practice particularly helpful. As he worked most of his life, it had been many years since he was actively seeking employment. Applications today are done on-line; he had a steep learning curve. “At SBEC, we strive to serve the whole person. Greg was in very poor health and we knew right away that certain factory work would not be suitable.” explains Judi Jaworski, supervisor of job development. “Yet, he had a good track record and the desire to work; we just knew that, in time, something would come through for him.”

Indeed it did. Greg loves his job. In addition to his housekeeping responsibilities, he also directs traffic for emergency helicopters that land at the hospital. “I am learning so much!” Greg’s compensation includes good health insurance. As a result, his health is so much better now that his working conditions have improved. He walks a lot and even bikes to work.
Greg’s children are young adults and his experience has had a profound influence on them as well. “I keep telling them to decide what they want in life, get a job, support yourself, and stick with it. I think they are learning and I try to be a good example for them.”

When asked to summarize his experience at SBEC, Greg responded: “This is a great place. I can’t thank them enough!”