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Presque Isle Downs & Casino

Presque Isle Downs, SBEC Employer

A fast-paced business such as Presque Isle Downs & Casino requires a highly responsive job placement partner. Lori Tate, Human Resources Generalist at the Casino has found such a partner at SBEC. “The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and always present well-screened candidates to us.”

Hiring is complex and Presque Isle Downs & Casino hires an array of employees from food service and housekeeping staff to IT personnel and card dealers. Lori has come to rely on SBEC for a steady supply of job-ready applicants for the variety of positions available along with excellent customer service from the staff. “If I need six housekeepers, they will find me six housekeepers. And they will be reliable, committed, and hard-working employees. Right now, I do not have a high demand for housekeepers because the ones from SBEC last!” The relationship with SBEC is so fine-tuned in this job area that the housekeeping supervisor now works directly with the staff at SBEC. “I cannot recall ever having a recommended employee that we did not hire. SBEC’s judgment of job-readiness is on target.”

Lori believes that most area employers in the hospitality business know about SBEC. “And, if they don’t; they should. The staff understand the business, the type of employee we seek and the pace at which we operate. They refer only qualified candidates and stay with you through the transition period for a new hire.” Lori has also experienced first-hand that SBEC is quite nimble and responsive during peak hiring times. “Racing season is high volume for us and they keep up, with no decline in the quality of job candidates they put forth.”

Presque Isle Downs & Casino recently revamped its hiring procedures including the revision of many on-line forms. According to Lori, the staff were right on top of these changes. “They did not miss a beat. They came over with their clients to help them through the changing procedures. I can count on SBEC to always go with the flow”.

Lori is very impressed with the commitment that the staff at SBEC have toward its program participants. “When employers notice how we strive to help our students, we know we are on the right track.” states Nancy Sabol the executive director of SBEC. “I can promise any employer in the area that we work hard to understand your unique hiring requirements, to be prompt and responsive, to prepare and screen applicants, to refer only the most qualified and to stay with you through the transition to ensure we have made a successful hire. Nothing less than this is acceptable to us.”