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Accomplishments; Learning; Success

When you meet Marqueta, you are immediately aware of her smile and ease of conversation. Marqueta, a participant at St Benedict Education Center, is excited to share that she had completed an online program which certifies her as a Medical Office Assistant.  She is now eager to interview and obtain a job to begin a new career.

A Photo Essay: Bicycle repair came "Rolling 2" us

Bicycle repair came “Rolling 2” us.

SBEC Participates in National Night Out

St. Benedict Education Center instructors, Taha Najem and Mary Lou McCall, volunteered to work at one of the National Night Out events that took place at the Multicultural Resource Center (MCRC) in the 500 block of East 10th St., on Tuesday, August 6.

Community Service Prepares Participants for Work Force

Supervisor Kara Bauer

Community Service Prepares Participants for Work Force

Kara Bauer, program supervisor at SBEC, defines Community Service as on-site work experience. She explains upon meeting with an individual that they will discuss interests and skills before determining their two selections of Community Service.  On-site experiences include the Production Center, Mending Place, the Garden, and Community Helpers. These experiences aid the participant’s basic skills, the skills one needs to procure and hold a job.


Treasures & Such Benefits from Generosity of Local Church

Treasures & Such Benefits from Generosity of Local Church

Our Lady of Peace 7:00 am daily Mass participants presented a generous gift to Treasures & Such from donations they accrue regularly.  These funds were given to Treasures & Such to purchase items not able to be obtained through food stamps.

GED Classes Can Improve Lives

GED classes can improve lives, self-esteem
One single mother wants a good job so that she can provide for her family. Another single mom wants to set an example for her children. Both are trying to improve their lives by earning their High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate at St. Benedict Education Center

From Potter and McKean Counties: Donors Outside Erie

From Potter and McKean Counties:  Donors Outside Erie

Catholic Rural Ministry in the Erie Catholic Diocese covers 13 churches and seven pastors in Potter and McKean counties.  Sister Phyllis Schleicher,OSB, and Sister Mary Hoffman,OSB, are a compassionate presence in the entire area, working at serving people in need.

The sisters, along with parishioners, are attentive to how they might help people in their 
area and at Saint Benedict Education Center (SBEC) in Erie.

Bright and Beautiful

It’s been a whole new experience for shoppers at the Treasures & Such store since renovations were completed in autumn of 2017.
Volunteers recently put the finishing touches on the work by painting new shelving units and tables that were added to display more merchandise in the store.

Food Stamps Have Limitations for Shoppers

A Happy Shopper

Millions of low-income Americans each year get help with one of life’s basic necessities --- food. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the federal Food Stamp Program, provides this help for those who meet certain income requirements.

A Purse Raffle?

Treasures and Such volunteers

What better way to entice participants to shop than to have an unannounced  “purse raffle” every couple weeks. And not just any purse; beautiful ones filled with wonderful personal items.  In addition, the raffle tickets are free – given to each person who comes into the store, Treasures & Such.