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Treasures & Such Participant Store

As a way of encouraging and acknowledging the accomplishments of the  participants in our program at SBEC they can earn “Benny Bucks” for achieving their goals and meeting weekly requirements. They use these bucks to “purchase” items in our store, Treasures & Such.  We are dependent on the generosity of people like you to help us keep the store stocked.

The majority of our participants are women and men from the United States in need of a more stable economic situation.  Their situations vary. Some have lost their jobs because of down-sizing. Some are trying to return to the labor force after being out of it, for various reasons. Some are trying to create a new and more positive work pattern or history. We continue to have a few refugees in our program. They, too, are preparing for work.

The participants are trying to begin again, and they need support and encouragement. Treasures & Such is one way we try to offer this. Thank you for helping us provide some of the basic items they need to make their daily life a little easier. Thank you for adding a touch of beauty to their lives.

Donations needed for Treasures & Such

Are you moving or downsizing? Do you know someone who is moving or downsizing? Or maybe you are “spring cleaning” and wish to part with unwanted items.

You can help others in need with your donations of household items and personal care items to our “store” – Treasures & Such. Our Wish List identifies donations we especially welcome.

We cannot use the following items: Electronics, books, pillows, bedding, soiled or torn clothing, items not in good working condition, large appliances, large furniture, toy guns and other violent toys/games. Please understand that it is a hardship and expense for us to dispose of these unwelcomed items.

CLICK HERE to inquire about making a donation.

Wish List for Treasures & Such

Cups and mugs
Pots and pans
Small appliances (toasters, coffeemakers, etc.)
Children’s clothes and toys
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Facial tissues

Volunteer at Treasures & Such

Consider sharing in our ministry at SBEC by becoming a volunteer in our store, Treasures & Such. We can surely use your help.

Responsibilities of the store volunteer

  • To work with a couple other volunteers in the store the days it is open
  • To interact with our participants as they shop or as they help in the store
  • To sort and price items in our storage areas, preparing them to “be sold” in the store when needed
  • To work at our check-out table: Writing down the purchases made by our customers, taking the money (Benny Bucks) and giving change, bagging the items….
  • If interested and available serve on a committee to address a particular need or project

Hours are 9:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Monthly schedules are created around volunteer availability.
One, two, three, four times a month……Whatever a person can offer would be appreciated.

CLICK HERE for a Volunteer Interest Form


Recent Happenings

A Photo Essay: Bicycle repair came "Rolling 2" us

Bicycle repair came “Rolling 2” us.

Treasures & Such Benefits from Generosity of Local Church

Treasures & Such Benefits from Generosity of Local Church

Our Lady of Peace 7:00 am daily Mass participants presented a generous gift to Treasures & Such from donations they accrue regularly.  These funds were given to Treasures & Such to purchase items not able to be obtained through food stamps.

GED Classes Can Improve Lives

GED classes can improve lives, self-esteem
One single mother wants a good job so that she can provide for her family. Another single mom wants to set an example for her children. Both are trying to improve their lives by earning their High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate at St. Benedict Education Center

Current Happenings

Volunteer in Bloom

Sue Working in the Store

For the past 20 years, Sue and Geoff McCreary have been turning their outdoor living space at their North East home into a series of beautiful gardens. For the last seven of those years, Sue has taken time from her work at home to volunteer at Treasures & Such, a store for participants in St. Benedict Education Center’s job assistance program.
Sue and Geoff’s home and gardens were recently featured in the North East in Bloom Garden Tour, an event that included nearly 20 locations that were open to the public for tours. Their gardens are highlighted by a rustic meandering path through a wooded area dominated by hosta plants, which thrive in shady areas.
Sue and Geoff began transforming their yard when they became “empty nesters” and moved to their North East home, which at the time had no gardens and only a few foundation plants that they didn’t want. “After raising our four children, we now had time to do something other than being involved in their activities,” Sue explained. “We did a lot of ‘planting and moving’ to find what worked. Once we got started, we added more gardens and are now working on the neighboring woods.”
Sue’s husband, Geoff, is the creator and designer of the gardens. Geoff also adds his own unique creations to the spaces, many times made out of repurposed materials. “The flowers by themselves are colorful and usually grow well if placed in proper locations, but the combination of the two complement each other,” Sue said. “It takes both of us to create our garden.”
Sue said she is always amazed that her husband can visualize a sculpture before he creates it. “He is hesitant to tell me about a project since I’m a ‘show me’ person,” Sue said. “One time I asked him to create something to connect two gardens together … and I came home and found a beautiful archway made from pipes and a repurposed piece of copper from a roof.”
When Sue is not working in her gardens or relaxing and enjoying their beauty, she keeps busy trying to improve the lives of others by volunteering at Treasures & Such.  Sue learned about the store and the need for volunteers through her church bulletin at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Harborcreek. “It was about the time I retired and thought it was something I could do,” Sue said. “I thought the timing was perfect for me.”
Sue said she wasn’t sure what to expect when she started at the store, but was surprised that the participants, mostly refugees at the time, were eager to have a conversation with her, even though they could speak little or no English. “They are genuine with wanting to better their lives, and I have a new appreciation for the blessings I’ve been given,” Sue said. “The clients clearly appreciate what Sr. Dorothy Stoner (Treasures & Such coordinator) and her team have created to provide for a need in the community.”
Sue said she also enjoys the camaraderie of working with other volunteers and  receiving updates on how the participants are progressing. “You make some connections with the people and hear from week to week what’s happening in their lives,” she said.
Sue and Geoff also enjoy sharing their home with others so they can enjoy the gardens and the beautiful location of the property near Sixteen Mile Creek. “As members of North East in Bloom, our purpose is to encourage others to ‘play in the dirt’ and make their homes and our community more inviting by planting flowers,” Sue said. “We enjoy visiting other gardens and are always bringing back ideas to add to our garden.  We feel very blessed to have been able to create our garden.”……..and SBEC is very blessed to have Sue’s presence in our midst.

Sue Welcomes Visitors to her GardenHoneysuckle HeavenAn Invitation to Reflect
Baby Asparagus Bud Nestled in GardenGiant Visit the McCreary GardenColored Tricycle Created bty Geoff
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