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As a way of encouraging and acknowledging the accomplishments of the  participants in our program at SBEC they can earn “Benny Bucks” for achieving their goals and meeting weekly requirements. They use these bucks to “purchase” items in our store, Treasures & Such.  We are dependent on the generosity of people like you to help us keep the store stocked.

The majority of our participants are women and men from the United States in need of a more stable economic situation.  Their situations vary. Some have lost their jobs because of down-sizing. Some are trying to return to the labor force after being out of it, for various reasons. Some are trying to create a new and more positive work pattern or history. We continue to have a few refugees in our program. They, too, are preparing for work.

The participants are trying to begin again, and they need support and encouragement. Treasures & Such is one way we try to offer this. Thank you for helping us provide some of the basic items they need to make their daily life a little easier. Thank you for adding a touch of beauty to their lives.

Donations needed for Treasures & Such

Are you moving or downsizing? Do you know someone who is moving or downsizing? Or maybe you are “spring cleaning” and wish to part with unwanted items.

You can help others in need with your donations of household items and personal care items to our “store” – Treasures & Such. Our Wish List identifies donations we especially welcome.

We cannot use the following items: Electronics, books, pillows, bedding, soiled or torn clothing, items not in good working condition, large appliances, large furniture, toy guns and other violent toys/games. Please understand that it is a hardship and expense for us to dispose of these unwelcomed items.

CLICK HERE to inquire about making a donation.

Wish List for Treasures & Such

Cups and mugs
Pots and pans
Small appliances (toasters, coffeemakers, etc.)
Children’s clothes and toys
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Facial tissues

Volunteer at Treasures & Such

Consider sharing in our ministry at SBEC by becoming a volunteer in our store, Treasures & Such. We can surely use your help.

Responsibilities of the store volunteer

  • To work with a couple other volunteers in the store the days it is open
  • To interact with our participants as they shop or as they help in the store
  • To sort and price items in our storage areas, preparing them to “be sold” in the store when needed
  • To work at our check-out table: Writing down the purchases made by our customers, taking the money (Benny Bucks) and giving change, bagging the items….
  • If interested and available serve on a committee to address a particular need or project

Hours are 9:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Monthly schedules are created around volunteer availability.
One, two, three, four times a month……Whatever a person can offer would be appreciated.

CLICK HERE for a Volunteer Interest Form


Recent Happenings

PHOTO ESSAY The travel thru toy pick-up

December 9, 2020       The Christmas gifts—carefully selected, wrapped, and organized for each family by SBEC staff—were ready for pick-up.  

Dolores Mosakowski, we are grateful

Dolores Mosakowski

Dolores Mosakowski shared her life with so many.  We, at Saint Benedict Education Center, are grateful she gave some of her care and compassion – some of her spirit and energy – to us.  We will miss her.

A Photo Essay: Celebrating "Leadership"

How do you express your thanks to someone who has offered steady, insightful, compassionate leadership -- particularly during these uncertain, stress-filled days of Covid-19?  

How do you celebrate National Bosses Day with “your boss” when, in past years, she has been clear about not wanting it observed?  

Current Happenings

Required: Planning, hard work, creativity


In early October 2020, laptop computers were provided to all staff whose job allowed them to do some work at home. These were connected to office computers at SBEC so work could proceed securely and seamlessly. At that time Nancy Sabol, Executive Director of Saint Benedict Education Center, commented: These laptops will "strategically position us for whatever is to come..." The agency will provide essential tools for the extent possible."

Pennsylvania has consistently encouraged agencies such as Saint Benedict Education Center to continue using remote teaching and activities with clients and telework -- work from home -- with staff to the extent possible. An underlying direction to all decisions and work has been to operate out of an abundance of caution.

Nancy Sabol reminds the staff regularly, "We need our remote services to be robust so that we remain in compliance [with program guidelines] while at the same time keeping each other safe.

The planning process began in July 2020. This included time to determine what was needed at SBEC and time to make connections and purchase the equipment needed.

Ring Central, a communications platform similiar to Zoom, was purchased. This allows staff to communicate with each other and with clients safely, with necessary security safeguards approved for use by the State. Webcams were attached to office computers for more effective communications.

Laptop computers were provided to staff in October 2020 for work at home, as noted above.

A recent adjustment was made to upgrade Microsoft Office from the 2013 version to Office 365. Perhaps the most immediate difference noted by staff with this change is that they can directly access all their documents from their laptop at home, making their remote work easier and more productive.

Have there been problems? Are there limitations to even the most robust remote services? Of course.

While SBEC is trying to provide needed technology to the staff, participants don't always have access to the technology they need. Sometimes their phone may be disconnected, halting communication with the case manager or instructor. They may have a very poor internet connection during a video class or their wifi is not working properly. I've had some of my participants literally sitting as close to their window as possible to get the best reception," shares one staff member. "And then they apologize."

On a more personal note staff members offered comments such as: "I miss the face-to-face interaction." "I miss my co-workers. It's lonely working at home." "The in-person group interaction is missing."

All true. Yet, the interactions between staff and participants, and among staff members, has been on-going, creative, and effective through these months. [See article on the Home Page.]

It is forethought and planning -- hard work -- on the part of the leadership and staff at SBEC that has enabled work to continue from home. Nancy was clear when she said, "We need our remote services to be robust so that we remain in compliance [with program guidelines] while at the same time keeping each other safe.

This is currently the experience one has at Saint Benedict Education Center. It promises to continue, as long as it must.

Our remote services need to be robustMany staff receive laptops computersStaff are working at home
Staff meet on Ring CentralSometimes remote work seems very remoteGood to be back in the office near others
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